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Nordic Metal Group Ltd is a production company from Estonia. Main activities of our company are: 1. Metalworking and fabrication of the different types of steel structures and equipment from Stainless steels, High-alloyed steels and from others ordinary steels. 2. Turnkey installation of the produced equipment and steel structures. 3. Production Mobile Teams - is a service then our workers perform production works in the Customer's workshop and under the Customer's supervision. 4. Designing works.


We have a production workshop which located in Tallinn ( Estonia, Europe Union ). Our workshop is devided in 2 separate Halls. The first Hall's production area is 800 m2 with the 10 tones crane equipment. This first Hall we use for Stainless steel production. The second Hall's production area is 1200 m2 with the 25 tones crane equipment. In this Hall we can produce equipment the weight of which is befeore 25 tones. The workshop's gate has the next sizes: H= 4.8 m, B= 5.0 m.


Nordic Metal Group provide service of Turnkey installation of the produced steel structures and steel equipment. We install equipment which was produced by our company so we can install equipment from another company production.


Our Mobile Teams consist from the welders and fitters with the foreman. They produce equipment of the next types: - Ship's structures, - different types of storage tanks, - equipment for Civil building, - pipe and ventilation systems, - industrial filters, gas ducts, and other necessary for Customers equipment. The quantity of the workers in this Team depend on the Customer requirement and the work which necessary to produce on time.

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